Medical Credentialing and Physician Credentialing FAQs

Q: Credentialing seems like a hassle. Why is credentialing and privileging important?

A: It absolutely matters. Medical credentialing and privileging is how states and insurance agencies vet providers and decide if they are a high-quality medical provider or not. This, in turn, trickles to the patient, who wants their insurance to cover their costs, which is only possible through medical credentialing.

Q: How do I get credentialed with insurance companies?

A: To get insurance credentialed, go through the medical credentialing application process. Insurance companies will not work with someone who does not first have their medical credentials.

Q: What happens if a staff member’s application is not yet approved?

A: If someone works who does not have their credentials, then insurance carriers will not reimburse them. Insurance carriers do not reimburse medical offices that bills for services or professionals who have not been properly credentialed.

Q: I don’t know how to do credentialing for physicians. Who knows how to do medical credentialing?

A: We offer medical credentialing services. We know the ins and outs of physician credentialing companies and can assist any professional on their medical credential journey.

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